New Collaboration

I am now collaborating with drummer and music producer Dan Osborne of The Pineapple Thief. We are making production music for use in sync. These are our first two tracks written to briefs:

“A rock track that sounds like Weezer”

“Orchestral with rock elements. Use the track  ‘Flying Home’ from Kick Ass as a reference.”

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More for the library

Here’s some new music for the production music library.

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The Beginning is here!

Sleepless Mountain’s debut EP ‘The Beginning’ is now available to stream and download from iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, 7Digital, Simfy, Rhapsody, Google Play, Amazon MP3, Record Union and many more. Although, I would encourage you to purchase from Bandcamp (the player above) as you can pick up a lossless (uncompromised) quality format for a better listening experience.

Please take a listen and enjoy!

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The Beginning EP release

Enjoy this little teaser of the Sleepless Mountain EP ‘The Beginning’ we are releasing this coming Monday.

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Ready for sync!

Two very different new pieces of music here. Jungle Juice is an upbeat pop track with a very positive vibe. Interstella Race has more attitude, confidence and determination; perfect for on-screen action!

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Production Music

I am now working on a series of production music for use for sync.

This is an example of upbeat semi-acoustic pop that gives a very positive vibe, great synced to holiday or car commercials.

I was asked to make a song that sounded like Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’.

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Mastering work

I was given three live recordings to master. You can clearly hear the switch between the original audio and the mastered. The originals sound very dull, lifeless and quiet. I used a variety of EQs, compressors and limiters to improve the sound.

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Sleepless Mountain

Sleepless Mountain are an instrumental music project, founded in 2011 by Ronald Heu, Marcus Närvik and myself in Malmö, Sweden. Since the start of 2014 I have been working on our debut EP The Beginning. Sleepless Mountain’s sound is reminiscent of film scores, particularly the earlier works of Ennio Morricone. This spaghetti western influence gives Sleepless Mountain’s sound a sense of courageous adventure in which the listener relates as the protagonist in an unwritten tale.

The Beginning will be available to purchase at Bandcamp, iTunes and Songeist in June 2014.

Find us on Facebook at and ‘LIKE’ us for more updates on the release!

Artwork by Allan Cruz

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Coke Into Cola

Coke into Cola is an experimental sound project. A comprehensive study and presentation of the sounds are of the ubiquitous Coca-Cola in its modern 500ml bottle. This project was inspired by Andy Warhol’s work in the ‘60s with Coca-Cola bottles and how this product links all classes of society within our western culture:
“All the Cokes are the same and all the Cokes are good.”
(Warhol 1975)

All the sounds within the composition are recorded from Coca-Cola in a 500ml bottle, using three different recording methods to capture not only the familiar sounds we hear from outside the bottle, but also from inside it and the within the liquid. The ‘outside perspective’ samples from the bottle were recorded in a professional studio whilst the ‘inside perspective’ were recorded in and variety of common spaces; from the comfort of a bedroom to public parks, and high streets. The collection of these discoveries were arranged chronologically, from the first grasp of the bottle to the final disposal, taking the listener through the whole process of consuming Coke.

These sounds are presented at a fast-pace compared to the reality of which these sounds follow each other, in order to create a more intense experience. To illustrate the variety of spaces in which Coke is enjoyed, the ‘outside perspective’ recorded audio is processed with a variety of digital convolution reverbs, which adds early reflections, echoes and decays to sound like a specific space, such as a school corridor, mall or gym. The listener is taken on a familiar journey at a rapid pace with a new sonic perspective and appreciation of the sounds produced by us with this common everyday product.

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My new release of ‘oldies’

This new EP is a small collection of old tracks from 2008-2009. I always intended on releasing this EP, but life got in the way, till now!


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